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Youku - Video sharing website.



    Bitmap filters
   - Button filters 
   - DefineFontAlignZoneTag 
   - DEFINESHAPE4 edge boundaries and scales 
   - ExternalInterface_addCallback 
   - ExternalInterface_call 
   -: FileAttributes tag in the SWF requests that network access is not granted to this movie (or application?) 
   - LanguageCode (4) in DefineFont tag 
   - MediaParserGst won't set codec, sampleRate, sampleSize, stereo and duration in AudioInfo 
   - Stage.showMenu setter 
   - SWF8 is not fully supported, trying anyway but don't expect it to work 
   - TextField.setTextFormat() discards url, target, tabStops, bullet and display 
   -ERROR: Couldn't create dir for flushing SharedObject /home/sliu/.gnash/SharedObjects/ 
   -ERROR: Gui::getQuality called before a movie_root was available 
   -ERROR: No Video info in video definition