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   - Bitmap caching 
   - Bitmap filters 
   - Button blend mode 
   - Button filters 
   - Caught an AS exception from AVM2 execution. 
   - Computing text bounds of a TextField containing text that doesn't fit the box vertically 
   - CSMTextSettings 
   - DefineFontAlignZoneTag 
   - DefineSceneAndFrameLabelDataTag 
   - DEFINESHAPE4 edge boundaries and scales 
   - ExternalInterface_addCallback 
   - ExternalInterface_call 
   - FileAttributes tag in the SWF requests that network access is not granted to this movie (or application?) 
   - FIXME: tagtype = 78 
   - LanguageCode (1) in DefineFont tag 
   - LocalConnection.send unimplemented [string:_com.lab-media.FlashConsole], [string:onBroadcast], [object(gnash::as_object):0x85ee9b0] 
   - Requested to keep from completely loading a movie, but the movie in question is an image, for 
   - TextField.multiline 
   - TextField.restrict