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Google Video



BitmapData.draw([rebound gnash::BitmapMovie(_level0.loadClip.overallHolder.videoPlayer.still.holder):0x9ae6130])
   - ExternalInterface_addCallback 
   - ExternalInterface_call 
   - FileAttributes tag in the SWF requests that network access is not granted to this movie (or application?) 
   - MovieClip.attachAudio() - TESTING 
   - MovieClip.cacheAsBitmap() 
   - MovieClip.filters() 
   - MovieClip.unloadMovie() 
   - Requested to keep from completely loading a movie, but the movie in question is an image, for 
   - TextField.multiline 
   - TextField.setNewTextFormat(), we'll delegate to setTextFormat 
   - TextField.setTextFormat() discards url, target, tabStops, bullet and display