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In order to document how well various websites work with Gnash, we can make a wikipage for each interesting website and categorize these wikipages using Categories.


Mapping a URL to a Wiki Page

For a given website we can create a corresponding wikipage by prepending Websites/ to its canonical URL.

For example, if we want the page for, we load the page in a browser and get:

If we prepend the prefix we get:

Loading this new URL in the browser strips a forward slash, which is fine:

Describing the Gnash Status of a Website

Once we have a wikipage for a site, we need to describe the website using notes and Mediawiki categories.

Gnash Support

Version(s) of SWF Content

What's not working?

Separate unimplemented functions, errors, etc... into sections.

For example, if a given page uses unimplemented swf7 and swf9 functions, and has some errors, we'd describe that like this:

 Next_function_missing - And perhaps some notes over here to the right.

 A_SWF9_Function_here - With some notes.
 And_theres_another_one_here - And it has more notes that go here.

 An Error
 Another Error

I believe that errors are more general than just the SWF version. If they are SWF-version-specific, we might want to reorganize this layout.

The next step?

Once we have a wikipage for each website we find "interesting", we can easily see what websites are supported using which features and which websites are not supported. At that point the Gnash devs could consider prioritizing their time based on which websites they decide are the most important to have running under Gnash.

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