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Hey :) About your additions to It seems like some of the games you added in the "working" games section don't fully work, could you please make sure what works and what not and report it in the page ? For example, doesn't work in hitting the yellow (small) balls.

Hitting the yellow balls? I guess you're talking about stuff later on in the game that I didn't get to? :P

Actually that game seems to have alot of flaws by the author. You could think that the random boxes everywhere was a bug but it's the same in Adobe. Also you'll see a red ball at game start flying away at the right side, that's not Gnash's fault either.

The tiny yellow balls you get in practice don't seem to do anything in Adobe either. The game looks much better in Gnash, and uses significantly less CPU - hopefully not because we aren't doing something we should be. --Bwy 05:50, 28 April 2008 (MDT)