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Running Potlatch(OSM) on gnash on a proprietary operating system OS X? Maybe I'm striving to at least make the documentation for how to compile on OS X complete, or reassure readers that the instructions worked for someone and details and do also a permalink source linkage.

For me to make that documentation complete in some way(without even considering installing OS X for ethical reasons), that is. Hard task?

Help on compiling on OS X 10.4

  • Person X confirms that the current version of Building_on_Mac_OS_X works for Person X. Would be a great help. EDIT: Markus I've setup a OS X 10.6 slave now.
  • Person X could give me an account(through ssh) that I access only for that purpose , stripped of most privileges.
  • Person X gives my acquaintance access. No reason in that since my acquaintance already has OS X 10.4 but not the time to find out how it will compile. (is a developer of an OSM Project)