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Software tools for Gnash development

Cross development tools

This is a tarball of cross development tools for OpenEmbedded, which also includes OpenZaurus. Install this in /usr/local/arm/oe.
This is a tarball of cross development tools for the OLPC, customized for the Geode. Install this in /usr/local/olpc.
This page describes how to build an optimized tool chain for the OLPC, which is based on an AMD Geode LX.
This page ha a script that builds GCC4.x as a cross compiler for Mingw32. (win32)
How to beat your phone into submission
This is a tarball of cross development tools for the Chumby. The Chumby does come with it's own cross tools, but I found the included packages insufficient. This is a respin of the same binutils/compiler versions as currently used on the chumby, but contains many additional development packages needed for Gnash., like Boost.

Software Tools for SWF/ActionScript

SWF/Actionscript tools

  • SWF Tools is a collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities. The development version includes an AS3 compiler (as3compile).
  • Swfmill is an xml2swf and swf2xml processor with support for including HaXe and Mtasc compiled ActionScript, and disassembling SWFs.
  • Flasm is a free command line assembler/disassembler of Flash ActionScript
  • Flare is a free ActionScript decompiler.
  • Ming SWF output library. Includes command-line ActionScript 1 compiler + debugging utils
  • MTASC Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 compiler (Server-side web demo)
  • Describe SWF A Java based Flash file browser. Can be used to navigate the hierarchical data structures in a Flash file.
  • HaXe Web-oriented OO programming language that can be compiled to SWFs, successor to Mtasc. ABC capable!
  • hxASM - Generate ABC blocks from assembly code (from HaXe project)
  • Adobe's Flex SDK available under MPL license - AS3=>ABC capable. here's a short introduction to get started with it

ActionScript libraries


  • Clash is a fork of Pencil that is aimed to produce a free software Flash authoring software.
  • Salasaga - An Integrated Development Environment for producing eLearning (formerly Flame). Licensed under the LGPL. SWF output is improving rapidly (Ming based).
  • - dev ide capable of SWF output
  • Open Dialect - a visual editor that uses Flex SDK to produce SWF.
  • UIRA - A project aimed at building an OpenSource vector animation Authoring Environment (SWF/SVG) in QT4. UIRA is under LGPL. It is the reborn of the now dead F4L project. Shut down. See also wikipedia article [1]
  • Cazabe - GPLv2 IDE

ActionScript Code Editors

  • FlashDevelop Integrated Development Environment for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3 & MXML and HaXe.
  • SEPY ActionScript 2 Integrated Development Environment using MTASC

Exporting to SWF

  • Open Office Impress - Exports to SWF, supported since gnash 0.8.3
  • Pencil is a free software animation GUI for creating bitmap and vector animations that can export to SWF. It will run on GNU/Linux, MacOSX, and Windows.
  • Sflender - Blender SWF export. Supported (tested with gnash 0.8.3)

Debugging tools

  • BuGLe An OpenGL debugger and trace logger
  • Valgrind Probably the best tool out there for detecting memory-violations and leaks in run-time.
  • Wikipedia Static code analysis tools

Other tools