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Vieja lista ToDo

The new todo list is at the bottom of this page and is more recently updated. Somebody please merge the two lists into one.

Sitio web de Desarrollo

Necesitamos un sitio web de desarrolladores para contener el Wiki, más listas de correos, servidores de streaming testbed, etec... Tenemos suerte de tener este sitio, pero podría utilizar un mantenimiento más activo.

Manual de actualización

El manual de Gnash necesita ser actualizado seriamente. Me gustaría ver que se convirtiera en un buen recurso para Flash en general, como también específico de Gnash. Para hacer esto creo que la sección ActionScript podría ser pulida fuera de la referencia general, y movido dentro de su propio manual. Luego podríamos escribir nuestras propias especificaciones Flash basado en recursos libres que estén disponibles. Más importante, además podemos documentar diferencias entre Gnash y otros reproductores de Flash.
Then the end user part of the manual should become a seperate user manual, which would probably be pretty short. The chapters that are left would become an internals and reference manual about Gnash.


Needless to say, as the current project already under development, these task are the most important, and where the most focus should be for the immediate future. So most of our current resources are dedicated to Gnash for now.


  • Console version
The current console version works, but could be improved.
  • Remote protocol
A remote protocol is being developed that is XML based.
  • GDB support
Definetly on the far out TODO list.


  • FLTK2 support (mostly complete --Bastiaan, 25 January 2007)
  • All event handlers (What does this mean? --Bastiaan)
  • A remote Debugger GUI would be very nice.


  • Cairo
The Cairo support in Gnash is currently unfinished. It would be great if a Cairo hacker would fix this support up for us.
  • Xara
This has been mentioned in the past, but there is no code currently.
  • Framebuffer
Udo at Nova Systems has added a 2D backend for Gnash using AntiGrain (AGG), and framebuffer gui support.

Soporte Multimedia

I'm working on this --strk 15:17, 3 August 2006 (MDT);
Well, I think this is stable enough now --Strk 08:06, 18 December 2006 (EST);
  • FLV Format
FFmpeg currently has support for this format
  • ON2 Format
This is the new format to replace FLV for Flash movies. Theora is based on this.
  • RTMP Protocol
This is used by Macro Media's server
There is now a working implementation in libamf --rob 17, August 2006. There is a partially working RTMP, and a fully working RTMPT and RTMPS protocols now as a patched version of libCurl. You can get my Current snapshot from here. rob 4, Sept 2006. Somebody, probably me has to finish this. You can use the Red5 open source Flash server as a test.
  • RTSP Protocol
This is used by Apple's Darwin server
  • AMF
There is now a partially working implementation in libamf --rob 17, August 2006
  • Gstreamer Support
  • FFmpeg Support
  • MP3 to Ogg conversion script
This will need to convert the MP3 frames contained with the Flash movie frames.

Soporte Flash v1

  • WaitForFrame

Soporte Flash v4

  • WaitForFrameExpression

Soporte Flash v5

  • Selection

Soporte Flash v6

  • Camera (basic implementation done)
  • LocalConnection
  • SharedObject
  • TextFormat
  • Microphone (basic implementation done)
  • CustomActions
  • TextField
  • Frame labels as named anchors (file.swf#anchor goes to frame labeled 'anchor' and marked as a anchor label)

Soporte Flash v7

  • ContextMenu
  • Error
  • Accessibility

Soporte Flash v8

  • Blend modes
  • "flash" package
  • More...

Soporte Flash v9

Soporte para Darwin

  • reproductor independiente
  • Firefox plugin

Soporte Win32

  • reproductor independiente
  • Firefox plugin


MusicML is growing beyond just a specification for an XML based meta-data into a prototype of a multi-media database and search engine. Currently this project needs web developers and meta-data contributors. More information on the MusicML page.


Currently this project is just a prototype, although it is sufficient to stream audio or video to a Flash player. Initially it needs to have the last few bugs wrung out of the RTMP support, add support for uploading files, and add support for shared AMF objects. More information on the Cygnal page.


We're going to bring supporting Ming into our project, as it's important to have the tools to create content, as well as to play it.

  • Finish Ming testsuite.
  • Use Ogg and Theora instead of MP3 and FLV/ON2.
  • Finish sound and video support.
  • ActionScript 3 support.
  • Soporte Flash v9.
  • Terminar la documentación de Ming.
  • GUI ?

Nueva lista todo


  • Terminar el soporte SWF8
  • Terminar el soporte SWF9
  • Terminar el soporte ActionScript 3
  • Stabilize Ffmpeg-based audio/video streaming
  • Keep improving Gstreamer-based embedded A/V
  • Fully implement NetStream.
  • Implement ExternalInterface (AS)
  • Finish Cairo renderer
  • Keep improving OpenGL renderer (e.g. gradients)
  • Improve performance (string_table? Xv for video?)
  • RTMP audio/video playback
  • Windows port
  • OSX port

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