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The testr test case is the beginning of my attempt to create a unit level test case for the Renderers in Gnash. Gnash supports a crude internal API for Renderers (which is currently being refactored and cleaned up). To make it easier to make all the Renders be consistent, I wrote testr. I also added nanosecond level timing to each of the tests, so it can be used to low level performance testing.

So what testr needs is more test cases, one for each of the graphic elements. Then it needs a few more higher level tests that use more functionality, like double buffered rendering. GUI support using GTK should be added so we can view the rendering results. The human eye is often the best tool for spotting visual flaws. The AGG renderer will be used as the baseline for how rendering should look.

Testr will also be used for other tasks, namely identify which shaders the OpenGLES2 renderer will need. It will also allow the development and debugging of the OpenGLES2 renderer in a standalone fashion.