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What is ORM?

I'm not really sure what ORM is or how it differs from DRM. Could someone expand on this article or give some links to content elsewhere? Qubit 08:09, 28 November 2008 (MST)


Open Rights Management (ORM) is a system for ensuring the rights of the creator of a piece of digital content.

'ensuring' is probably not the correct word, otherwise it is unclear (as above question) that this isn't DRM.

An author may have varying views on how their creation can be used. They may want just want to have count kept every time their creative work is played, or to charge money for this viewing, or to be free to everyone, but cost money for commercial reproduction. Rather than a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system than mandates behavior and forces end users' computers to lock up, ORM is more of a passive system, like the GPL, where the metadata can be used as evidence of copyright infringement.

This is pretty confusing. The GPL is a license, not a technical measure nor metadata.

The information that a work is under a particular license, sometimes called license metadata, doesn't need a new name. It already has several, including Digital Rights Expression, Digital Rights Description, or the WIPOspeak version, Rights Management Information. All are passive information, which is indeed the key.

The ORM system will provide a way to birthmark new content in a way that it will be possible to verify that birthmark if there is a copyright violation. Current Rights Management Systems provide a draconian way of enforcing perceived copyright violations, often by locking up machine playing the content. My working concept is that an ORM system should use existing copyright law for enforcement purposes, and not ever modify the base platform the software is running on. We all know that any digital file can be edited, and any birthmark data added can be removed, so this is the interesting part. How do we birthmark a file, and record that data in such a way that it can be verified to be that particular piece of content ?

Great, but the first sentence and the last two sentences could be removed and it would still be great. 'Birthmarking' is indeed the, interesting part -- too interesting, bordering on sisyphean..

Other Rights Management Projects * Open Media Commons Sponsored by Sun, so of course all the code is in Java. * Here's an article on Sun's OpenDRM project.

DReaM is just DRM. They tried to do the right thing in some respects but at the end of the day it is just DRM, and a bad example. Is it possible to design non-defective DRM? discusses this.

A more interesting (as in practical and valuable) angle would just be to build in good support for license metadata (and work metadata generally). Regarding work metadata generally, which includes copyright/license information, I prefer to think of the problem of one of Digital Asset Management -- information that is valuable in helping users manage their digital assets first and foremost. Help with copyright/license compliance? Side effect.

Mike Linksvayer 21:28, 11 April 2009 (MDT)