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Self-contained testcases are flash movies/apps that trace FAILED and PASSED lines as the result of running various ActionScript-based tests. These kind of movies can be easily included in the Gnash testsuite, which uses a Dejagnu-like interface for running such tests.

To help with producing such movies Gnash provides a couple of tools:

  • Dejagnu.swf - a loadable-module providing interfaces like check(something) and check_equals(something, expected)
  • actionscript.all/ - a macro file to use with Ming's commandline ActionScript compiler providing check(x) and check_equals(x,y). This one adds filename and linenumber to test results, which are thus easier to find. This version relies on the assumption that a Dejagnu.swf instance has been loaded
  • misc-swfc.all/, misc-swfc.all/ similar to the combination of Dejagnu.swf and actionscript.all/ but not relying on load of a Dejagnu.swf instance.

Note that the Dejagnu.swf file also provides a textfield on which unexpected failures in test results are printed. That's to make verifying the tests with the proprietary player easier. The actionscript.all/ file itself relies on availability of a loaded Dejagnu.swf instance, but should be easily modifiable to use a different approach (like using a dynamically created textfield).