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Release 0.8.9 came out on March 19, 2011.

Changes from Release 0.8.8

(git changes browseable at


* The minimum required FFmpeg version, for people who prefer it over
  Gstreamer, is now 51.28.0.
* The configure script option --enable-i810-lod-bias, which provided
  a workaround for a very old driver for the Intel I810 when using the
  OpenGL renderer, has been removed.
* Gnash now uses the system-installed libltdl rather than its in-tree
* NPAPI headers are now required for building the Mozilla plugin; they
  are normally part of the Xulrunner development package.

Improvements since 0.8.8 release are:

* Fixed playback of uncommon MPEG4 streams when using GStreamer.
* Avoid drawing operations when the window is obscured, including when
  Gnash is used as a plugin, starting with Firefox 4.0 (GTK GUI).
* Support SWF with embedded ScreenVideo when using FFMPEG or
  gstreamer-ffmpeg >= 0.10.12.
* Fix playback of SWF-embedded ADPCM audio when using Gstreamer.
* Fix playback of SWF-embedded PCM audio when using FFMPEG.
* Fix swapped _framesloaded and _totalframes properties.
* Fixes for several crashes, with better automated testing of the
  entire ActionScript API for input sanitization.
* Improved ActionScript performance processing, especially
  for interactive applications.
* NPAPI plugin: fix relative urls resolution in presence of <base> tag
  and "base" parameter; improved robustness and compatibility with
  chromium browser. Avoid blocking the parent process.
* Improved SWF8 support with BitmapData.draw, BitmapData.loadBitmap,
  and other bitmap functions.
* Re-entrant core libraries.
* RTMP remoting support.
* Support for PNG and GIF files in all DefineBitsJpeg tags; support
  for DefineBitsJpeg4 tags, and fix display of some GIFs with
  multiple records.
* Restore support for mingw32.
* fb-gnash: allow specifying size and offset of rendering "window".
* dump-gnash: improved speed, sync and flexibility.
* JPEG screenshot output.
* Support for linear RGB interpolation mode in gradient fills.
* Clipboard setting (GTK only).
* More flash.geom.Rectangle functions.
* Improved OpenBSD compatibility.

Release Goals