Release 0.8.7

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Release 0.8.7 was targeted for and released on February 15 2010.

Changes from Release 0.8.6

  • Automatic (--screenshot=1,500,last --screenshot-filename="output%f.png") and spontaneous (Ctrl-O) screenshot production in all GUIs. (Bwy 03:14, 1 February 2010 (MST))
  • Significant memory savings when parsing large XML trees by creating objects only on access. Stringification and parsing is possible without any object creation. (bwy)
  • Significant memory savings when no super is required in functions. (bwy)
  • Enhancements in video streaming (fixing old youtube player's HD button and seeks outside buffered time) (strk)
  • Non blocking load of bitmaps, movies, data (strk)
  • Fix use of imported library symbols (strk)
  • AS2 Array handling fixed. (bwy)
  • Refactoring to eliminate most static data and get closer to re-entrant VM. (bwy)
  • SWF6 dynamic gradients tested and implemented correctly. (bwy)
  • TextFormat.getTextExtent implemented. (bwy)
  • TextField.autoSize implemented for right and center autosizing. (bwy)


  • Progress in Rendering in actionscript.
  • Implement remaining flash package classes:
    • flash.geom.Transform (core support for flash.geom) done except for read-only methods'
    • flash.display needs further implementation (flash.display.BitmapData is only partly implemented).
    • flash.filters: completely unimplemented.
    • completely unimplemented.
    • flash.external: completely unimplemented.
    • flash.text: completely unimplemented.
  • MovieClip (sprite) properties need implementing:
    • blendMode Ready for renderer implementation
  • Fully reentrant corelib Underway
  • Dynamically loadable media handler modules Would be possible now
  • AVM2 Depends on corelib refactoring for reentrancy
  • Make VM capable of opening SWFs successively Should be able to do this simultaneously
  • Implement SOUNDSTREAM synchronization.