Release 0.8.6

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Release 0.8.6 was targeted for September 2009, and released on September 15 2009.

Changes from Release 0.8.5

  • TextSnapshot, Camera, Microphone, TextField and TextFormat implemented.
  • ASSetNative, ASSetNativeAccessor, ASconstructor implemented.
  • New utilities for finding input devices for Camera and Microphone.
  • Fix bitmap smoothing handling in AGG renderer (Bug #25894).
  • Custom Gnash GTK widget.
  • Various improvements to text handling
  • Code refactoring:
    • large-scale refactoring of object and class creation for improved AS compatibility,
    • extension of native classes now works in many cases,
    • more compatible and slimmer DisplayObject classes,
    • improvements in parsing,
    • general reduction of GC resources,
    • easier to implement new classes.
    • new ActionScript 2 & 3 test suite.
    • re-organization of all ActionScript classes into the proper namespaces.
  • PyGTK module support.
  • Native and built-in functions properly separated, more native functions added.
  • AmigaOS4 support (gui and sound handler)
  • Fixes to XMLSocket crash and event order.
  • Performance improvement for SDL gui (invalidated regions).
  • Corrected timing of various AS events, fixing various SWFs that rely on them.
  • Many minor bug fixes.
  • Better A/V synchronization
  • Rudimentary AVM2 implementation (--enable-avm2). Warning: do not expect this to work usefully.
    • Possible to omit AVM2 code from binaries completely where it's not needed.

Release Goals


  • Progress in Rendering in actionscript.
  • Implement remaining flash package classes:
    • flash.geom.Transform (core support for flash.geom) should only need implementation of the other flash.geom classes.
    • flash.display needs further implementation (flash.display.BitmapData is only partly implemented).
    • flash.filters: completely unimplemented.
    • completely unimplemented.
    • flash.external: completely unimplemented.
    • flash.text: completely unimplemented.
  • MovieClip (sprite) properties need implementing:
    • blendMode Ready for renderer implementation
    • attachBitmap (core support for flash.display). done
    • more...
  • Fully reentrant corelib Underway, probably won't be ready for the release
  • Dynamically loadable media handler modules Would be possible for this release, needs cleanup of Input classes
  • AVM2 Depends on corelib refactoring for reentrancy; also not ready for this release
  • Make VM capable of opening SWFs successively Should be able to do this simultaneously, but only after the release
  • Implement SOUNDSTREAM synchronization.