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Release 0.8.5 ("XML and Remoting" / fourth beta) was released on March 4 2009 (and targeted for late Feb/early March 2009).

Changes from Release 0.8.4

Due to better XML parsing compatibility and a minor fix to NetConnection, many more video sites work than in the last release. Support for new codecs keeps YouTube support up to date.

XML parsing, Selection implementation, Sound and MovieClip fixes mean that many BBC Flash movies (not the BBC iPlayer) now work.

Potlatch support is improved with better remoting compatibility and XML parsing.

All of the Orisinal morning sunshine games now work due to support for Mixed SWF Versions runs.

  • Support for saving streamed (FLV, H264, MP3 etc) and loaded (JPEG, SWF, PNG, GIF) media to disk.
  • Basic GUI warning messages when media decoding fails (usually missing codecs).
  • Added support for FLV parsing and decoding of H.264 video and AAC audio.
  • Scaled video smoothing implemented in AS and in default renderer (AGG). YouTube video looks better when Gnash is running with high quality or better.
  • Support for _quality implemented with user-specified override. (Presently only affects video smoothing in the default renderer).
  • Made NPAPI plugin quiet, except on plugin-specific errors (to reduce .xsession-errors pollution).
  • Implemented LoadVars.toString(), XML.send() and LoadVars.send().
  • XML parsing made compatible (less strict), XML.xmlDecl and XML.docTypeDecl implemented.
  • XMLNode methods implemented: getPrefixForNamespace(), getNamespaceForPrefix(), namespaceURI, localName, prefix. Handling of attributes corrected.
  • New GUI for KDE4 / Qt4 with SWF properties and Gnash preferences dialog boxes.
  • Corrected AS enumeration order.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse event on double click (shouldn't exist).
  • Implemented MovieClip.getURL(), MovieClip.attachBitmap().
  • Implemented POST for send() and getURL() methods.
  • Added support for parsing and decoding Speex audio in FLV files using libspeex.
  • __resolve property implemented. Fixes a Flickr Flash badge.
  • Video.clear(), Video.width and Video.height implemented.
  • Multiple fixed.
  • Fixed support of mixed-version swf runs.
  • Fix decoding of RAW and UNCOMPRESSED audio with gstreamer media handler
  • Improve SWF4 compatibility.
  • Improve compatibility in setting characters properties.
  • NetConnection.isConnected and NetConnection connect events implemented (fixes various video sites).
  • Remoting support generally improved (NetConnection).
  • Make initialization object available to MovieClip constructor (attachMovie, duplicateMovieClip).
  • Sound.getBytesLoaded, Sound.getBytesTotal implemented.
  • Complete Selection class implemented.
  • Fixed bugs found in the release. 0.8.4 bugs from savannah

Release Goals

  • Stop the plugin from writing (so much?) to .xsession-errors. Ready for test! (strk)
  • Better debugging mechanism for the plugin (log window). bwy is working on this
  • Drop probe requirement of MediaParser. Ready for test! (strk)
  • Re-enable mit-shm use. Ready for test! (bastiaan)
  • Add XV support. Ready for test (bastiaan)
  • Stabilize libmedia. strk and bastiaan work on this


  • Implement remaining flash package classes:
    • flash.geom.ColorTransform, flash.geom.Matrix, flash.geom.Point, flash.geom.Rectangle are almost fully implemented.
    • flash.geom.Transform (core support for flash.geom) should only need implementation of the other flash.geom classes.
    • flash.display needs core support and further implementation (flash.display.BitmapData is only partly implemented).
    • flash.filters: completely unimplemented.
    • completely unimplemented.
    • flash.external: completely unimplemented.
    • flash.text: completely unimplemented.
  • MovieClip (sprite) properties need implementing:
    • blendMode Ready for renderer implementation
    • attachBitmap (core support for flash.display). Done (though needs much improvement when BitmapData is better implemented)
    • more...
  • Add RTMP
  • Fully reentrant corelib
  • Dynamically loadable media handler modules
  • Refactoring of sound_handler interface
  • SWF8 rendering tag support (blend mode, bitmap filters) Blend mode is done.
  • AVM2 - tstellar is working on this
  • Addition of a fully-featured Qt4 / KDE4 gui alongside the KDE3 one. Done, with features
  • Implement the code necessary to distribute with startstopped true.
    • An exception list.
    • A "Welcome to Gnash. Click here to start. Click here for gnash home page." button.
    • The button should be centered such that the word "start" is at the middle, or maybe it should be the right-pointing triangle? This, in case the window size is very small.
  • Implement Microphone and Camera classes.
  • Make XML parsing compatible. This causes a lot of failures in connection with dynamic loading (e.g. BBC iPlayer). Done
  • RTMP support in Gnash.
  • Make VM capable of opening SWFs successively.
  • Implement SOUNDSTREAM synchronization.