Release 0.8.4

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Release 0.8.4 ("Sort out the media mess" / third beta) was released on October 13 2008 (and targeted August 2008).


Changes from Release 0.8.3

  • Improved SWF version 8 support:
    • flash.geom.Point, flash.geom.Rect, flash.geom.Matrix classes implemented.
    • flash.geom.ColorTransform almost fully implemented.
    • flash.display.BitmapData partially implemented.
    • flash.geom.Transform.matrix and flash.geom.Transform.ColorTransform implemented.
    • MovieClip.transform implemented, with ability to find and apply MovieClip transformations.
    • Support for loading PNG and GIF images added.
    • Playback of VP6F video (SWF version 8 FLV) with Ffmpeg.
  • Fixes and implementation of ActionScript 2 classes:
    • implemented: initial support for flash Remoting
    • toString() method of objects called correctly, String.split implementation fixed.
    • XMLSocket onData method implemented properly, other methods fixed.
    • Error class implemented.
    • XML and LoadVars sendAndLoad() now derive from a common base object (loadable AS object); fixes the popular SWF Twitter badge.
    • addRequestHeaders and contentType implemented for LoadVars and XML.
  • VM bugfixes and improvements:
    • Heart beating model, allowing for fine-grained interval timers and threading reduction.
    • Frame label fix (case sensitivity).
    • Fixes and improvements to Color and cxform.
    • SWF matrix made faster and more compatible (golf.swf works now!)
    • try/catch/finally ActionScript expression handled more correctly.
    • Parse and partially use ScriptLimits tag. Handle stack limit more correctly.
    • Fixed scoping issues for SWF <= 5
    • Bitmap characters now support alpha.
    • Fix parsing of urls containing multiple question marks
  • Media handling improvements:
    • Pluggable architecture for MediaHandlers (ffmpeg/gst available)
    • Media-handler agnostic Sound and NetStream classes
    • Numerous bug fixes in ffmpeg and gstreamer media handling
    • Fix support for movies embedding multiple sound streams
  • SWF version 2-specific fixes:
    • PlaceObject tag display fixed (also applies to SWFs generated with some free tools)
    • DefineButtonCxform tag implemented).
  • New Features:
    • Support for writing RGB/RGBA PNG images and JPEG images.
    • Works with Potlatch OpenStreetMap editor
    • New 'flvdumper' utility for analyzing FLV video files.
    • XPI packaging support for Mozilla & Firefox.
  • Codebase improvements:
    • Renamed the 'server' directory to be a more accurate 'libcore'. Merge 'libgeometry' into 'libbase'
    • Keep Adobe happy with our users and our users happy with us by s/Flash player/SWF player/ everywhere (a Linux distributor received a demand letter).
    • Numerous cleanups and changes to improve portability.

WARNINGS (for the release notes)

  • The -d switch won't behave the same as in 0.8.3. This is a temporary thing, we'll likely bring it back to its original behaviour for next releases. If you're curious, -d will now change heart beating rate.
  • Support for MIT SHM X extention is disabled by default `cause it broke (*grin*). We'll get it back on next release. Let us know if you really notice a performance degradation on the rendering side please.


  • Design a sensible media handler interface
  • Implement ffmpeg and gstreamer backends stably.
  • Fix all matrix regressions and preferably get it working properly.
  • Add XPI packaging support for Firefox.
  • Fix all blocker bugs: open blocker/security bugs.