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Release 0.8.3 (the second beta release) was scheduled to be out on May 21 2008, and released on June 12 2008.


Release Notes

  • Debian Etch's gstreamer-ffmpeg doesn't include all codecs needed for gnash.
  • Bug #23364
  • some invocations of test use two == signs, which confuses BSD's test.
  • This line:
if test x$LTLIBINTL != x; then

needs quotes on at least NetBSD. Make it look like this:

if test x"$LTLIBINTL" != x; then


  • 2008-02-21, previous Gnash 0.8.2 release.
  • 2008-05-06, code freeze. branch point: gnash_0_8_3_branch (done, 05-09)
  • 2008-05-07, Gnash 0.8.3 RC1. tag: gnash_0_8_3_rc1 (done, 05-22)
  • 2008-05-29, Gnash 0.8.3 RC2. tag: gnash_0_8_3_rc2
  • 2008-06-05, Gnash 0.8.3 release. tag: gnash_0_8_3

Changes from Release 0.8.2

  • Garbage Collector usage reduced where appropriate.
  • Mouse.hide and implemented in GTK.
  • ActionScript inheritance fixes:
    • super implemented correctly (still not 100% compatible for SWF7)
    • implements / instanceof works correctly now
  • FsCommands quit, fullscreen and showMenu implemented.
  • FsCommand-to-javascript implemented (plugin).
  • Minor ActionScript compatibility fixes: String, XML, toLocaleString, int, parseInt. fromCharCode, toString (SWF4) etc.
  • Fixes to arguments class.
  • Native fullscreen support (from AS) implemented.
  • Stage.scaleMode implemented (fixes resizing of various movies).
  • Stage.align implemented.
  • Long command-line options properly supported.
  • Fixes to Date class (platform consistent).
  • Logging uses boost::format.
  • View detailed movie information from GTK gui.
  • Widget to start stopped movies (e.g. when starting in stopped mode)
  • Improved Win32 support: builds using MinGW/MSYS (cross-compile not tested yet), and initial implementation of npgnash.dll exists.
  • Sprite handling improved, fixing FlowPlayer and other video SWFs.
  • TextField handling:
    • Fix in device font handling (DefineFontInfo tag)
    • Fix support for DefineFont2 tag (sizes)
    • Improve TextField support for TextFormat use.
  • Improved Cairo rendering performance.
  • Fix parsing of malformed XML files
  • Fix support for OpenOffice Impress SWF exporter (malformed).
  • Fix loading of text / XML with Byte Order Marks.
  • Minor fix to _x and _y translation.
  • More functions correctly registered as ASnative.
  • System.capabilities information expanded.
  • Jemalloc memory allocator from Mozilla added as an option.
  • Redesigned and implemented AMF0 support, with the beginning of AMF3 support.
  • Added "dump" GUI to dump video streams to disk.
  • SWF8 line styles support (both from tag and drawing api)


This is a provisional roadmap: some items may be postponed to the following release. It depends how long we have.

  • Reduce memory fragmentation and general bloat. -- Adding the jemalloc memory allocator helps for some targets, but there is still a lot of bloat. Another big saving culd come from making all ActionScript classes dynamically loaded much like the current extensions work.

rob 1 May 2008

  • Fix super -- Done, I belive we're in good shape for 0.8.3. Still not 100% compatible, but I find it more correct then the original... strk 3 April 2008
  • Start implementing AS3 classes -- Would postpone, strk
  • Further improve media handling -- Better handling of errors for gstreamer would be a good improvement, vacant position
  • Stabilize ffmpeg media backend -- Nothing moved here, Markus
  • Bring other GUIs, particularly Qt and FLTK, up to the level of the GTK gui. -- Vacant position, postpone?
  • Get Gnash working with Qt4 and KDE4. -- Vacant
  • Allow opening SWFs successively in Gnash and opening movies from the GUI. - Dossy plans to work on this ;) (Not for 0.8.3, sorry - maybe 0.9.0.) -- Would postpone, strk
  • Decide on the logging method: vsnprintf or boost::format. Done, in the absence of protests
  • Implement Microphone and Camera classes. -- POSTPONED, bjacques It's not really necessary until RTMP is implemented on the client side, which won't be this release bwy. Client side support for RTMP will be in the release, but it won't be integrated into Gnash just yet. I'll need to be able to get images and audio from these classes to finish the RTMP support. rob 1 May 2008