Release 0.8.2

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Release 0.8.2 (the first beta release) was released on March 5 2008.

Changes since Release 0.8.1

  • Improved timeline redesign.
  • Action execution order fixes.
  • Keyboard handling improved Task #7292.
  • New classes implemented: System.capabilities (partial), SharedObject, LocalConnection.
  • New opcodes implemented: ActionImplements, Try/Throw.
  • Movieclip.beginGradientFill completes drawing API support.
  • MovieClip._lockroot support added.
  • Implement GET/POST for MovieClip.loadVariables and MovieClip.loadMovie
  • Textfield support improved.
  • Security: configurable sandbox restricts filesystem access by movies.
  • Better support for SWF8.
  • Streaming OGG-contained multimedia (e.g. vorbis/theora or vorbis/dirac), and other free formats.
  • OGL and Cairo renderers much improved.
  • Improvements of the Framebuffer GUI (hide text messages, support Linux events system, built-in touchscreen calibration, simple keyboard support, better architecture support).
  • SOLdumper utility for reading SOL files ('flash cookies').
  • DumpShm utility finds and dumps Local Connection memory segments.
  • Fullscreen display possible.
  • Extensions for LIRC and DBus.
  • High quality, cross-platform psuedo-randomness using boost random.
  • NPAPI (Mozilla) plugin: keyboard events work, navigation and javascript from within movies.
  • Set and save preferences from the GUI (GTK).
  • Improved stability and robustness with malformed SWFs.
  • New User manual! Rewritten reference manual, brought up to date.
  • Many other bugfixes.


This is what we should complete before the release

  • Disable SharedObject by default, define safe enabling directives.
  • Stabilize video playback (Video-rehack). DONE
  • Stabilize timeline control (more tests?)
  • Fix action execution order handling - much progress, but still not 100% correct
  • Bug #19832 - A/V syncing] - POSTPONED
  • Win32 support This is looking unlikely
  • OS X support (Implemented but critical bugs remain).
  • Implement ACTION_TRY/ACTION_THROW opcodes (see misc-mtasc.all/ - DONE
  • Implement ACTION_IMPLEMENTS opcode - mostly done, needs more testing
  • Fix critical bugs exposed by the testsuite. - mostly done
  • Fix BLOCKER to SECURITY bugs (see savannah)
  • New implementation of OpenGL renderer. DONE
  • New implementation of Cairo renderer (mostly done).
  • Fix the manual. it looks like it was in the middle of a reorg that never got finished. Much stuff doesn't even seem to be in the manual anymore...
  • Beat Cygnal into a stable enough shape that it's actually usable. This means fixing the AMF/RTMP/SOL support in Gnash as well as they both use libamf.
  • ....