Release 0.8.11

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Changes from Release 0.8.10

(git changes browseable at

Improvements since 0.8.10 release are:

NEWS file might be more up-to-date.

  • IPV6 support for Gnash and Cygnal.
  • RTMP media streaming.


  • Lower cpu load


New features from [1]

  • FileReference and FileReferenceList (file upload support in ActionScript).
  • Many TextField improvements to fix incorrect positioning and style.
  • StyleSheets.
  • Printing.
  • BitmapFilters.
  • RTMP media streaming.
  • ContextMenu.
  • ActionScript Camera support.
  • ActionScript Microphone support.
  • Still more BitmapData functions.

Improvements from [2]

  • Reduce CPU usage by limiting _rendering_ rate to a user-specified value (aka frame-dropping).
  • Review invalidated-bounds detection by adding regression testing and improving it where possible (CPU relief).
  • Reduce memory usage by adding refcount to GC-managed resources.
  • Setup a performance-oriented testing framework.