Release 0.8.1

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Release 0.8.1 (the fourth alpha release) was scheduled to be out before the end of August 2007, and was released on or around August 29 2007.

NOTE: 0.8.1 will be released from the release_0_8_1 branch, and be tagged as release_0_8_1_final.

Changes since Release 0.8.0

  • Garbage Collector fixing memory leaks
  • Support for device fonts
  • Support for dynamic text fields
  • Better key handling
  • Support for FFMPEG SVN
  • Support for on-demand install of needed Gstreamer codec plugins.
  • Debugger off by default (improves performance and memory use)
  • Support for KDE/AGG combination
  • Layout change : we'll now build <gui>-gnash and 'gnash' is a shell script with gui selection capabilities (-G)
  • More robust parser
  • Better support for flash player detection Patch #6151.
  • Fix for 'debugLog' directive in gnashrc Patch #6158.
  • Misc. bug-fixes as usual...

Task list

This is what we should complete before the release:

  • Fix BLOCKER to SECURITY bugs (see savannah)
  • Make sure Bug #20575 klash is built in coexistance with 'gnash' and works as a konqueror plugin - fixed, isn't called "klash" anymore but rather kde-gnash
  • Test build since introduction of separate libs for each gui and renderer - done
  • Fix Bug #20301 in expose events] or disable MIT-SHM - done: disabled
  • Write release message, update READMEs - done
  • Update version strings to 0.8.1 - done
  • After release is final, update the NEWS file in HEAD.