Release 0.8.0

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Release 0.8.0 (the third alpha release) was scheduled to be out before the end of May 2007, and released on or around June 10 2007.

Task list

This is what we should complete before the release:

  • Stabilize YouTube and playback
  • Fix BLOCKER to SECURITY bugs (see savannah)
  • Make sure klash still works as a konqueror plugin CONFIRMED TO BE WORKING --Strk 15:23, 5 June 2007 (EDT)
  • Make sure "make check" works with all build configurations (needs ogl and cairo work, see Task #6979.
  • Write release message, update READMEs
  • Cygnal stablized for HTTP protocol

Changes from Release 0.7.2

  • Streaming video works with YouTube and! This has been the focus for the majority of the time since the last release
  • Many core improvments in the VM as our understanding of Flash improves. These all improve both the correctness of a movie that is being played, but enables more movies to play that used to not work
  • New FLTK2 gui
  • Simple Flash debugger added
  • Improved Darwin support that can use the system OpenGL
  • Flash extensions, direct support for file handling, MySQL access, etc.. through plugins to the Gnash VM. Wrappers for any C/C++ API libraries can be exported into ActionScript, and used as native commands in a Flash movie
  • Updated manuals
  • Many new testcases! Support for testing with ming, swfmill, and mtasc compilers
  • New drawing API for MovieClips