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The following people work as paid staff developers:

Bastiaan focuses on the GUI library and the plugin.
  • Klaus Rechert
Klaus is a Ming developer.
Rob started the Gnash project, and quickly expanded his plans to include Cygnal and MusicML.
Sandro was one of the first Gnash contributors. He works on testing and hacking the ActionScript parser.
Our release manager


The project also has several volunteers:

John is the spiritual godfather of gnash, as he's the one who talked Rob into this in the first place...
Markus has been focusing on doing a little bit of everything. At the moment the main focus is on BackLash and the Aqua-GUI.
  • Miriam Ruiz
Miriam is the Debian package maintainer for Gnash.
  • Patrice Dumas
Patrice keeps me honest, as he seems to be one of the few other people that understands the GNU autotools.
  • Udo Giacomozzi and Mayr @ Nova Systems
Nova Systems has added a direct framebuffer backend using AGG.
  • Alexander Sack
Ubuntu package maintainer
Win32 package builder / buildbot maintainer
  • Deanna Philips
Open BSD port (including dependencies)


The following people have contributed to the project in the past, directly or indirectly:

  • Thatcher Ulrich
Without Thatcher's original code base for GameSWF, we would never be as far along as we are.
  • Vitaly Alexeev
Vitaly was a GameSWF developer like I was, but found Gnash is a much faster evolving project. He's focusing on win32 support, performance, and other stuff.

Job Openings

We have more work available than we have people for, so here's the current openings for the near term. Anybody interested should email me their resume and what they'd be interesting in working on. Some time working as a volunteer on Gnash is also desireable, as it'll give all of us a chance to know them through their code and email discussions.

  • Metadata Grunt needed
Somebody to do the grunt work of copyright lookups, and data entry. This person would be based in the Eugene, Oregon area. It's entirely likely we'll need two of these people, one focusing on audio metadata, and the other focusing on video metadata.
  • Web Person
The mediaDB will require quite a bit of PHP hacking, so we're also looking for a general PHP programmer, and maintainer of our soon to be developer's site.
  • Hackers
We need more people writing code to cover the new projects.
To work on Cygnal at the design and prototyping stage.
To work on Gnash.
To work on Ming, and the Flash test suite.
To work on bug fixing, and misc tasks.