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OpenGLES2 Task

This task is to take the existing code stubs in librender and implement the code necessary for OpenGLES2. This includes identifying the Shaders required for the best performance. This renderer will work on both a standard desktop using the Mesa OpenGL libraries, as well as with a standard framebuffer.

Sub Tasks

Some of these tasks will be done in parallel, for example test cases written or improved while working on the code they test. To do all of these tasks, we also have to figure out the additional details required for some of these tasks. So by analysing our existing renderers and flash graphics in general, we can come up with the list of shaders required to implement an OpenGLES2 renderer.

Status By Date Description Notes
In Progress Nov 25 Install Mesa OpenGLES2 development libraries for GNU/Linux
In Progress Nov 25 Get Gnash to compile for GNU/Linux, and pass the testsuite
In Progress Nov 25 Get Gnash to configure with AGG and OpenGL for GNU/Linux
Dec 31 Analyse existing renderers, do performance testing
Dec 31 Improve the rendering test case testr TestR
Jan 15 Identify and document Shaders required
April 1 Implement shaders library for Gnash
April 1 Implement unit level test cases for shaders
May 1 Implement code to use Shaders for Gnash renderer


  • Build with OpenGLES2 for iPad, iPhone, and/or Android.