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Mac OSX Task

Although Gnash builds with XCode for OSX (Darwin) and runs, this task is to get the Gnash plugin working under Firefox on OSX. As many native libraries will be used as possible for GUI and media handling. Originally ports of Gnash to OSX were done using either the SDL or GTK GUI toolkits. SDL being useful as it has the least dependencies. It is however reasonably easy to build up a full X11 and GTK development system using MacPorts, or one of the other unix for OSX software repositories.

The problem with using SDL or GTK is that the end user must then also start X11 to get it to run. So the goal here is to get Gnash running without X11. Some work has been done on an Aqua GUI for Gnash, but it's incomplete. It may be that finishing the Aqua GUI is the way to go, it's also been suggested to write an ObjC Coca based GUI. So for this task we want to figure out the best approach so Gnash can run as a plugin under Firefox.

Sub Tasks

Status By Date Description
In Progress Nov 25 Build Gnash for GNU/Linux system, and pass testsuite
In Progress Nov 31 Research for a free installer
Done? Nov 31 Research what Firefox does for GUI support on OSX
In Progress Nov 31 Research what other Firefox plugins do for OSX support
In Progress Nov 31 Research GUI solutions for Mac, maybe it's not Aqua anymore
Dec 15 Submit design proposal to gnash-dev list
Jan 31 Write new code or improve native Aqua GUI support for Gnash.
March 15 Implement Firefox plugin for OSX
March 31 Research native native media handler for OSX
March 31 Submit design proposal to gnash-dev list
April 31 Implement native media handler for OSX
May 15 Create installable package for OSX


Firefox uses Cairo/thebes for renderer, and native Aqua libraries for gui still


  • Use OpenGLES2 support to build Gnash for the iPhone, iPad, or Android platforms.