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See also ScriptLimits

Flash movies *need* some limits. We probably want compile-time limits and run-time limits. Anyway, allowing a movie to draw a zilion shapes using the drawing API is likely not a good idea as it would kill the client machine.

Senocular has good info about the limits known to be enforced by the proprietary player:

It lacks limits of shapes..

Senocular report

Flash limits

-width: 1 to 2880
-height: 1 to 2880
drawing extents within:
-width: -720 to document width + 720
-height: -720 to document height + 720

-grid spacing: 7.2 to 288
-frame rate: .01 to 120
-frames: 16000
-layers: 16000
-movieclip instances: 16000
-loaded movies (in levels): 16000 

drawing extents within:
-width: -720 to 720
-height: -720 to 720 (1440x1440) 

-_xscale/_yscale values: ~ 3276800
-_alpha values: 256
-_alpha steps: ~ .4 (don't increment _alpha below that value)
-_x/_y steps: .05 (don't increment _x/_y below that value)
-_rotation: -180 to 180 (you can set it to values beyond these but will revert to a value in that range)
-_rotation steps: .1 (_rotation wont be seen in increments below that value)
-attached clips before drastic attachMovie speed drop: ~ 800-1000 (common in grid creation; creating new clips to attach groups of clips, like each row, to will reduce the slowdown)

-characters in a textfield: ~63000 (?)
-rotation of dynamic or input textfields w/o embedded fonts or static w/ device fonts: 0 (no rotation)
-max size of POST data (loadVars and XML Objects etc): around 64k
-characters for URLs set in Character panel: 127

-depths of existence: -16384 to 2130690045
(createEmptyMovieClip can surpass these values in creation but not always accurate
max reliable: 2147483647, min reliable: -2147483648)
-removable depths: 0 to 1048575

-recursive function call levels: 256
-loop calls: processor dependant, 15 or 20 seconds until timeout 

-Flash Player zoom: 2000%
-line thickness (Flash authoring): .1 to 10
-line thickness (AS): 0 to 256 (increments of 1; 0 is hairline)
-size of imported bitmap: 5x5 minimum
-shape hints: 0 to 26