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These a a list of tasks the Gnash developers would love some financial support for. We get a huge amount of gripping about compatibility, but we can't get there without your help.These days many free software projects have corporate backing, but not the Gnash team...

Big Tasks

These tasks are all several months of work, some of which require research as to the full scope of the work required. We realize it's hard to fund a task with no real scoping attached beyond "a few months". But these are also the tasks with the bigger positive impact on Gnash, so we'd kindof really like to get them done...

  • Releases
It takes a lot of time to make Gnash releases, which is important to get improvements out to end users efficiently.
  • Add OpenVG & OpenGL-ES rendering support
Mobile devices use OpenVG and OpenGL-ES for hardware accelerated rendering. On these devices we currently use AGG, but software rendering is too much of a cpu load on a slow processor, like your phone.
  • Hardware video decoding
Being about to decode video using the GPU instead of software rendering for mpeg4 and WebM is also necessary for decent video performance on a low-end device like your phone.
  • Fix performance issues
It should be entirely possible to improve the performance of Gnash's video support to be less of a CPU hog.
  • Fully reentrant VM
To work as well as possible, the internal Gnash Virtual Machine needs to be made thread-safe.
  • AVM2 compatibility
AVM2 is the new virtual machine introduced in flash v9. Until Gnash has an avm2 support, many sites won't work. It may be possible to use Tamarin or Lightspark for avm2, but this needs to be investigated.
  • ActionScript 3
Our ActionScript 2 library has had some support for ActionScript 3 added, but it's pretty minimal. If we ever get working AVM2 support, we'll also need to update the class library.

Little Tasks

These tasks all require a few days or weeks to complete. While being less critical than the big tasks, these a still all need to get done too. Many of these don't even require programming skills.

  • Update all the translations to match the current sources.
  • Update the User and Reference manuals.
  • Build daily snapshots for our deb and rpm repositories.
  • Removing spam from our bug tracker and wiki.
  • File good bug reports on sites or animations that don't work.
  • Help maintain a compatibility web page.
  • Do public outreach about Gnash and Free software.
  • Help with simple tech support on irc and in email.
  • Add support to create thumbnails in the release version, in order to overcome the need to compile dump-gnash to extract frames without opening a GUI

Ongoing Tasks

  • Maintain buildbot server
  • Maintain buildbot slaves
  • Maintain web sites