Google Summer Of Code 2011

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Accepted project

Student: Jonas 'Sortie' Termansen

Mentor: Sandro Santilli ('strk')

Project: media playback improvements ([1])


Desktop integration

  • Show swf files as preview-icons / snapshots

GUI improvements

  • "Unsupported movie format" message displayed if AVM2 detected
  • File->SaveAs
  • File->SaveAsLauncher
  • File->Open
  • Include download URLs in File->Properties, allow right-click-save (for all loaded assets)
  • SharedObject (cookie) inspector / editor

Media playback

  • Make FLVParser a push parser and remove internal threading from the FFMPEG and Gstreamer wrappers.
  • Reduce copying decoded audio and video buffers to an absolute minimum.
  • Implement AudioDecoder and subclasses using a push/pop model. See bug #24638.