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How to make Google Chrome use Gnash

After installing chrome, create a /opt/google/chrome/plugins/ directory. Copy from $HOME/.mozilla/plugins or /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ to this new directory, and restart Chrome. Gnash works just fine.

How to fix crackly audio with SDL

How to debug GST runs

See GstreamerDebugging

How to use gnash NPAPI plugin


How to use gnash KPARTS plugin

The things needed to use kparts plugin are:

  1. klash_parts.desktop file in one of the kde service dirs (kde-config --path services)
  2. file in a dcopserver scanned dir (kde-config --path module)
  3. file wherever is written inside the .la file above

Note, the klashpartui.rc is not required. Konqueror should still work without it, but will print an error like the following:

konqueror: WARNING: KXMLGUIClient::setXMLFile: cannot find .rc file klashpartui.rc


  1. How to tell dcopserver (or konqueror) which directory to scan for the klash_parts.desktop and files ?
  2. Should we have a configure switch in gnash to specify where these directories are ? ('kde-config --install services --expandvars' would tell us where to install the klash_parts.desktop, 'kde-config --install module --expandvars' where to install libklashplugin.{la,so})