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For the summer of 2009, Open Media Now has launched a fund raising campaign to do a very focused "Summer of Code" project. As OMNow is located in Colorado near Boulder, the idea is to sponsor 6-12 college student interns from the University of Colorado to implement as many of the classes in the ActionScript 3 specification as possible. While Gnash does have swf v9/10 parser support, it only works with flash files that don't use any ActionScript classes. Gnash currently doesn't have a complete ActionScript 2 class library, so this work will also benefit older swf files.

Project Plan

  • [*] Create new ActionScript 3 class library directory structure
  • [*] Create new ActionScript 3 directory structure for test suite
  • [*] Migrate existing classes to new directory structure (mostly complete)
  • [*] Migrate existing test cases to new directory structure (mostly complete)
  • [*] Identify priorities for implementation
  • [/] Implement classes with test cases in order of priority in branches
  • [/] Migrate from branches to trunk when stable
  • [ ] Do next Gnash release in time for FOSS distribution code freezes

The categories with slashes [/] mean that we have met with varying success on implementing and migrating classes. See the What We've Accomplished page to find out where we have been successful.


  • Interviews done first few weeks of May, intern candidates identified
  • Fund raising campaign launched, Please Donate
  • Initial templates for all ActionScript classes added to Gnash
  • Initial conformance test suite created
  • Interns all set to start May 25th
  • As of June 2nd, all existing ActionScript 2 test cases have been rewritten to Haxe format, which can generate v9/10 swf files. All rewritten classes now live in a new directory tree that follows the newer naming style with namespaces.
  • The remainder of summer will be spent working on implementation of high priority classes especially those in:
- Camera & Microphone class
- System class
- TextField & TextFormat class
- LocalConnection class
- Stage class

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