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Top Level Flash Classes

ActionScript Class Test Case Status Notes
Array Complete With a few exceptions all ming test cases have been ported to haxe. There are a few test cases for which no haxe ewquivalent could be found. Some of these tests may be updated at a later date. This test case is not included in the Makefile and must be compiled with the HaXe command line tool.
AsBroadcaster Complete AsBroadcaster exists in Actionscript 2 but not Actionscript 3. There is no HaXe class that can access this AS class. The current haxe tests that have been written do not compile. It may be necessary to keep the ming tests for this class. Update (6.16): out of 115 tests, about 86 have passed, so trying to chug through the rest and see where it takes us. The same issue regarding the Makefile--must be compiled with the haXe command line tool...Update (6.19): 97/115 Update(6.19): DONE!