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This is a list of SWF movies, along with information about whether they work in Gnash or not.

The best way to help Gnash for a Flash coder is to find out why her movie doesn't run as expected and provide a simplified testcase reproducing the problem. If you'd like to help please get in touch.



This is a collection of artistic games. Download protection strategies, use of mixed-swf, detailed graphics and use of different kind of sounds make this an interesting set of testcases for Gnash.
Public Broadcasting Service, kids section (not everything in Flash...) Some AVM2, so don't work. Older ones are often fine.


Known to work

Reported to work

Educational movies

See also Testcases

physics animations, low SWF version. Mostly work, though with some text bugs.
Animation demonstrating scale of universe.

Open Source Flash

Complex animations

Known to work

Collection of kitschy animated greetings cards with music. Hard on the renderer. Newer ones are AVM2 so the scripting doesn't work, but the SWFs may be usable anyway if the ActionScript is only used for mouse clicks.

Not working

Video sites

Working streaming sites

The AS2 player and embedded players work, newer AVM2 player doesn't.
also used on linux.com. Works.
More or less works.
more or less works, but you currently have to change the stream once to get the video to display. Had a problem with HTTP authentification for a while, but this seems to have gone.

Non-working streaming sites

doesn't work. AVM2
doesn't work. AVM2
doesn't work. AVM2
doesn't work. AVM2
AVM2, doesn't work.
Doesn't work at all.
AVM2. Doesn't work.

Working Embedded Video

Non-working Embedded Video

Miscellaneous Video Testcases

(plays a flv) works

RTMP streams

Not working

RTMP is not supported.

External Audio Test Cases

Embedded event sound

Embedded streaming sound

Dynamically loaded sound

Flash movies from search engines