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I (should) maintain the GUI library, adding functionality where I believe it is required. I used to maintain the Mozilla plugin. I've also worked intensively on renderers and multimedia playback. In short: I will do things all over the place in Gnash. Right now, my focus is on baking cookies for Rob.


I'm working on adding Flash 8 and 9 support to Gnash.




Getting Gnash running on Set Top Boxes and performance improvement as a part of it. Rewrite the plugin-wrapper (actually make it use X-widgets for systems not using GTK2) and fix the anti-aliasing issue with the OpenGL render, when-I've-got-the-time(TM). Dealing with m4-macros and build-issues. Yeah, I'm kinda responsible for portability between OSes also (i.e. running gnash on IRIX). Now I'm currently spending most time on a native Aqua/OS X interface.


I'm currently finishing up edits of the wiki. Next, I intend to spend time with the current Gnash manual and convert it into a Developer's manual and a User's Guide. (2007-07-11)


(last updated 2006-03-10)

Been a bit busy with real life stuff lately. I'm not dead, nor am I giving up on the project :) Working on polishing the Date class now


I'm currently covering a variety of maintainer tasks in addition to coding. These tasks are basically keeping up with the email list, and all bug reports and patch submissions. This actually consumes a few hours every day...

I'm also working on expanding the documentation, and other developer support tasks.

In addition to this, my coding tasks are basically:

  • Keep the configure, build, and testing infrastructure working.
  • Work on the plugin.
  • Implementing NetConnection, LocalConnection, and probably NetStream.
  • Filling in more functionality and bug fixing for XML and XMLSocket.


I work on overall refactoring/redesign, core library issues (VM, parser, playback, ActionScript) and QA (testsuite,dox).

Tomas (tgc)

Currently working on:

Both are needed for supporting playing external video (youtube etc), and both are partially implemented.

Planned work: loading of external mp3 files with Sound.

(updated 2007-01-17)

RussNelson (nelson)


  • OpenMoko: 0.8.1 compiles and makes an ipkg. Working on testing under qemu.
  • Greenphone under way. (why is it that a ship is under way after it weighs anchor?)