Building on Open SUSE 10.3

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Notes for installing and building OpenSUSE 10.3:

  • Install OpenSUSE. It's important for you to enbale the repositories it suggests at the very beginning of the install.
  • (obviously) don't accept the Adobe Flash license during the install.
  • Run the YaST Control Center.
* Click on Software Management
* In the Filter drop-down menu, click on Patterns.
* Scroll down to Development.
* Check off Base Development
* Check off C/C++ Developmnet.
* Click "Accept" in lower right.  YaST now downloads and installs packages.
* No, you do not want to install or remove more packages.
  • Fetch a copy of gnash:
cvs -z3 co gnash
  • Create the configures:
  • Run configure

sh configure --enable-gui=gtk

  • It notes that a few packages are missing. Install them:
sudo /sbin/yast -i agg-devel libxml2-devel libjpeg-devel gstreamer010-devel
  • Gnash now builds with only warnings about packages needed to run the tests.