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As of mid Feb, 2008, Gnash builds out of the box on OpenBSD 4.2, using g++ 3.3.5. Here's the data on my system's configuration. This is a completely up to date OpenBSD installation, so if you have any problems, some of your packages may be out of date, or missing.

$ uname -a
OpenBSD 4.2 GENERIC#375 i386
$ head -1 /etc/motd
OpenBSD 4.2 (GENERIC) #375: Tue Aug 28 10:38:44 MDT 2007

While Gnash does build with the older GCC used by default on OpenBSD, the newer 4.2.x version also builds Gnash just fine. The older version causes a kernel panic if you try to use an optimize to level -O2.

$ g++ -v 
Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-unknown-openbsd4.2/3.3.5/specs
Configured with: 
Thread model: single
gcc version 3.3.5 (propolice)

Gnash has several dependencies on system libraries to compile. These are primarily

$ pkg_info | & egrep "curl|agg|boost|gtk|kde|qt|atk|pango|cairo|sdl|jpeg|png|gstreamer"
agg-2.4             anti-grain geometry graphics library
atk-1.18.0p0        accessibility toolkit used by gtk+
boost-headers-1.33.1p3 free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (headers)
boost-libs-1.33.1p3 free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (libraries)
cairo-1.4.10        vector graphics library
curl-7.16.2         get files from FTP, Gopher, HTTP or HTTPS servers
gstreamer-0.10.12   streaming media framework - core
gtk+-1.2.10p6       General Toolkit for X11 GUI
gtk+2-2.10.13       multi-platform graphical toolkit
gtk+extra-0.99.17p2 GTK Extra Widget Set
jpeg-6bp3           IJG's JPEG compression utilities
pango-1.16.4        library for layout and rendering of text
png-1.2.18          library for manipulating PNG images
qt3-mt-3.7p5        C++ X11 GUI toolkit
sdl-1.2.9p7-sun     cross-platform multimedia library