Building Ubuntu HEAD packages

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To do this you need bzr and bzr-builddeb and a bunch of basic development packages installed

sudo apt-get install bzr bzr-builddeb build-essential devscripts
sudo apt-get install schroot
sudo apt-get build-dep gnash

Then you may or may not need to set up something about schroot, but it isn't clear what. It will be looking for a secure chroot environment named the same thing as the Ubuntu distro that you are building for. If no such schroot is set up, it may work anyway, but you definitely need to install the schroot command at least.

To build just run

bzr branch lp:~gnash/gnash/ubuntu.head gnash.ubuntu.head
cd gnash.ubuntu.head

Then you'll need to edit ./debian/build_head because it's written to do builds in particular places under /var, which are not writeable by ordinary mortals. Also, you may have to replace DISTROS= with the name of your current Ubuntu distro. Then run:


(It will download the whole gnash source code -- no need for you to do that first.) If this fails because of missing build dependencies, install them and rerun, which will uselessly re-download everything, unfortunately.

On succeess the script will print out where the results have been placed:

OUTPUT in: /tmp/tmp.rawvO20595