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Bazaar is a distributed version control system developed by Canonical.


Gnash Development

Primary development of Gnash and Cygnal is done using Bazaar repositories.

Using Bazaar

The development branch for Gnash is

Check this branch out anonymously using the command

bzr branch

Checking out a branch

To check out the branch of a particular release, such as Release 0.8.7, you have two choices:

# Anonymous
$ bzr branch
# Developer
$ bzr branch s

Getting Information on a Repository

Finding out information about a remote repository (without checking out the whole thing) is easy. The commands bzr ls and bzr info can give you lots of information:

The info command will "show all known locations and formats associated to the tree, branch or repository."

$ bzr info
Repository branch (format: pack-0.92)
  shared repository:
  repository branch:

Related branches:
  parent branch:

The ls command will "list files in a tree."

$ bzr ls

Note that the trunk branch does not show up in the tree as it's not a file.

Additional Notes

Also see the Gnash Development website.