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As of Feb 10, 2006, I implemented the methods and properties for
the XMLNode class. -- rob 

I somehow had never implemented these in my previous implementation
of the XML class because they're weren't needed by my customers test
cases. These all needed to work since the append, remove, and insert
methods depended on them. So now they exist, and for the most part work.


  • method XMLNode.removeNode
  • method XMLNode.insertBefore
  • method XMLNode.toString
  • property XMLNode::attributes
  • property XMLNode::childNodes


  • method XML.hasChildNodes
  • method XML.appendChild
  • method XML.cloneNode
  • property XMLNode::nodeTYpe
  • property XMLNode::nodeName
  • property XMLNode::nodeValue
  • property XMLNode::firstChild
  • property XMLNode::lastChild
  • property XMLNode::parentNode
  • property XMLNode::previousSibling
  • property XMLNode::nextSibling

XMLNodes::attributes XMLNode::childNodes

 Both of these have to return an array of objects.

XMLNode::previousSibling XMLNode::nextSibling

 Both of these need more exhaustive testing.