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These are getMethod calls associated with unknown classes. None of these methods is defined by either 'function' or 'function2' action types, so should not be user-defined ones.

[ Quite a few of these are in the stubs I just checked in. --rob 2006-02-01 ]

  • method action
  • method addPage # found in PrintJob
  • method clearCallback
  • method clearCommand
  • method documentCallback
  • method fatalError
  • method get # found in CustomActions, Microphone, Camera
  • method getValues
  • method isConsumed
  • method metaDataHandler
  • method onClientConfigInitialized
  • method setCallback
  • method setCommand
  • method setmousecursor
  • method setRequest
  • method start # found in Sound and NetStream
  • method validator