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  • method NetConnection::connect


This creates the server side of a socket connection, and is used to stream data over a network connection to a client. Typically the content of this data are FLV files. It should not be required to decode the FLV data to stream it to the client, but this needs to be determined by having a test program created.

The implementation of this is currently only parses the URL supplied into its components. The main functionality is in network.cpp now, but needs to be merged into this class in a similar manner as LocalConnection::connect() uses if configured to use a network instead of shared memory.

  • method NetConnection::call


This sends a "remote procedure call". Arguments:

  • 1) Remote function name
  • 2) An object to handle return values and/or status changes (optional)
  • 3...) arguments for the remote function (optional)

I've got this method about half written. I'm hoping to have some presentable code to add to the main repository some time in September 2008 -- JasonWoof 01:05, 31 July 2008 (MDT)